Info. ---   Movie forms sent home Tues. Nov. 6 -  due back Thurs. Nov. 15********* Movie Nov.29

****Homework is work that is not finished at school in the time provided OR is continued research for projects that are being supervised at school. *********************

Morning Class:  

Geography:  global economics; 4 economic types and definitions and examples

Art:  creative design (goalie mask or movie poster)

Health: diet, immunization 

Current Event: Student responses/articles


Afternoon Class:  

English: "The Darkest Minds"  link to it go thru 

**Reading and responding in class. Culminating activity begins after the Movie :) 

In class evaluation of comprehension and prediction skills (using text support) continue.

Math: adding fractions homework* page 141 #2,3,6. Subtraction Wednesday and if you don't finish it will be homework as well * 

Science: Cells/biology:  Project presentations will begin Fri. November 16 - prezi, poster, report or PowerPoint

High School Guidance reached at ext 410***



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