Info. ---          PD Day Friday April 5

****Homework is work that is not finished at school in the time provided OR is continued research for projects that are being supervised at school. ****

Morning Class:  

History (intro.):  quiz on significant people and events the first week of April in class

Art: drams & Group of Seven study


Current Events:  


Afternoon Class:   

English: reading self selected novels in class; NOVEL TO BE COMPLETED BY CLASS ENTRY THURSDAY MARCH 28 * students are to be summarising character traits and plot development;  Spring Wordle;  25+ words on theme;  colourful; variety of font (Tips: plan ahead in draft, check spelling, ask someone to edit your draft and get feedback)

Math: Geometry bisectors in class *  (numeracy review ongoing 2-3 digit multiplication and division)*

Science: Fluids - viscosity, hydraulics, pneumatics and more fascinating connections to daily living!

High School Guidance reached at ext 410***



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